SEO Company Retaining Price or SEO Company Pay as you Go

SEO Agency London UK

SEO Agency London UK

Keywords that attract high amounts of searches and yet the competition is low are the one to look for. Once the keywords have been picked the agency would look into optimising content and make sure the site gets indexed for the target keywords.

Link building that establishes the authority of the site is another crucial activity. Site redesign often is necessary based on the findings of the keyword research. This activity is a balance between tuning up the site and not losing the existing rankings with the engines. There’s often a debate about whether the pricing for services could be one, all encompassing pricing or each of these activities can be considered distinct menu items.

Customers could select and pay for specific items. A reasonable answer to that question, really depends on whether these services are really independent or mutually exclusive and can be carried out by the client himself or herself. Clients can hopefully pick and choose the items they think they need, and optimise their investments on SEO efforts. A relevant question to ask here is: Does that make sense? You will have the added burden of making sure what you are attempting to do, and the SEO agencies are well coordinated. Search Mojo offers its clients an all-in-one pricing. This is a fixed fee per month for effective SEO work for its client’s website. Is there a rationale behind that kind of pricing for a package?! A la carte pricing could save the customers some money, if they can customise the help, they need. It’s been the company’s experience that most often, maybe 99.9 out of 100 times; clients tend to drop important items from the menu without realising the implications on SEO.

For example, it looks almost logical that one could attempt to optimise the content when your service provider reports on the keyword research conducted by them. Presented with a hypothetical menu card for SEO, listing keyword research at $2500 followed by content optimisation at $450 per page, it will look like a very prudent decision to take up the content editing in-house. Now that you are armed with the target keywords, is it not the correct thing to do and save some money spent on SEO? However, that is not a practical thing to do as most often clients seek out  services of an outside agency when they do not have enough in-house resources of the right kind. The content edits activity for SEO probably gets assigned to some whose first priority is not that. Overall SEO activity starts with getting a fix on the keywords the client would like to follow.

Often, clients feel keywords are known already anyway! They focus on a set of keywords in their advertising efforts, and this is often attention grabbing items. These keywords targeted on traditional advertising may not be the keywords people are searching for. The terms people search for the phrases the  effort has to be targeted on. Unless you are able to pinpoint that keyword prospects are looking for, whole SEO effort will not be meaningful at all. This same hypothetical  services menu may mention that a finding and setting up a link will cost $12 per link. Link building is something that is the least familiar SEO territory for many. However, most know that this is an important  activity to boost search engine rankings. Few are sure how to go about it this part of the SEO, if and how to get really relevant links. However, this is linked to the keyword research too.

Unless right key phrases are used, you anchor texts will not be very relevant. Redesign of a website can have a major impact on the rankings in the search engines. Most people in marketing, IT or others in the client organisation may not realise this as an important activity. Moving the site to a new server could be an action required. Use of a different technology to set up the site or files renaming may be required due to this redesign effort. Yet the consequences of these decisions could cause a major drop in the site’s search rankings and thus defeating SEO efforts. When offered as a menu item, it would be very difficult for customers to realise this to be a necessary or important activity in the overall SEO package.

By working on a retainer basis, Search Mojo ensures the SEO activities taken up by it are an integrated effort. All the required actions are taken, and they work in tandem with another. The integrated package offered includes, the regular activities required from it month to month. It covers crucial activities that may be infrequent, but are important. Client gets effective service and derives SEO benefits that accrue from them, and need not go chasing for a different vendor every few months! The month to month package would, typically include very deep keyword phrase searches, content edits that optimise the site pages, building of effective back links, optimisation of digital assets and monitoring of the social media. These infrequent SEO targeted redesign advices cover right rebuilding technology to be used and keep the site search engine spider friendly, new file names using keywords, etc. 301 redirects can be created, and Search Mojo can help the transition to a more effective server.

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