What is an Email Signature service about?

What makes any online company stand apart from its competitors? Having an impactful email signature makes all the difference! The factors that distinguish a high-quality signature from the ordinary is that it engages the recipient, highlights the brand and compels the recipient to take action.

An email signature is not just a sign-off of any company, rather it is a valued marketing tool that most needs to be made of. Creating a positive impression via every email sent matters, therefore, it must reflect positivity and professionalism. Considering that an average employee sends 1000-10000 emails a month, the significance of having an impactful email signature cannot be overstated.

Professional business email signatures must communicate clearly to the recipient, be aesthetic in look and compel them to act!

We at My Webace work with the client in every aspect of creating customised business email signatures. From designing the email signature and converting it into HTML code, we work as per the client specifications and adhere to their brand image.

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Signature service for emails: brand matters

There is a reason why email signatures are so important for branding. An impactful email signature needs to be spot on in every aspect. Before you decide to create the signature design you need to be aware of the guidelines for its design, ensuring that all facets from typefaces to logos are optimally used.

Signature service for emails: SMARTPHONES COMPATIBLE

Gone are the days when people used to check their email only on the computer. With the advent of the smartphone and a slew of other digital devices, the business email signature must be legible, with easy to click icons to ensure user-friendliness. All our designs are highly responsive on every type of digital device.

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use the right fonts

Using a variety of fanciful fonts will just not cut it. Instead play it safe, by using standard web-safe fonts that match your business or brand. Size-wise it would be best to opt for 10pt as that is a decent size for reading. Using one standard font does not mean that you need to lack variety. There are plenty of ways to jazz it up by changing the size, switching between lower and upper cases, using italics and a bold font etc. If you do intend to add colour, ensure that it is in sync with your brand. Adding the right shade of colour to your signature will make it more attractive to readers. The benefit of adopting web-safe fonts is they display equally well on various digital devices.

We choose the right images

Selecting the right graphics is critical if you do not want your professional business email signature to end up looking like a Botticelli painting. For this we make optimum use of graphics, so that it does not overshadow the logo of the brand. My Webace ensures every image is displayed correctly without any need for them to be separately downloaded. For those wanting a more personalised touch we recommend the use of a photo.

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social media integration

Show you’re social

The use of an email signature is ideal to attract online traffic through the utilisation of social media. It is no longer an exception but more the norm to have social media icons embedded within the signature. Since there is a myriad of social media channels out there, we help to choose only those that would be most critical to your business. For this we select two or three that are paramount to the brand. Apart from this we offer updated relevant content to attract readers and make sure they are well managed. Instead of incorporating them as part of the signature, we retain the default look to be easily recognisable to potential clients.

Signature service for emails: Keep compliant – disclaimers

Compliance matters: Your business email signature must match legal guidelines in whichever area or county it operates in. When we add the disclaimer (it is kept brief and simple) beneath the email signature, so that it does not divert attention.

What email esp we work on?

Our professional email signatures work on a diverse range of email platforms including Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Mailbird, SeaMonkey, Gmail, eM Client, Spike, Pegasus Mail etc. My Webace will help to design and create an impactful and attractive business signature that will highlight your brand among clients.

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