International SEO and Multi-Language SEO Services Can Help You Reach a Global Audience Easily

If you sell products or services globally, your digital presence and visibility need to be optimised for your success. Webace has the International SEO expertise that you need to provide your global customers with the best possible experience. We can help your business by optimising your website for the languages, regions and countries necessary for them to rank better and attract more customers

What Is International SEO?

International SEO, sometimes referred to as Global SEO, are SEO services that focus on global traffic. International SEO aims to attract high-quality traffic from any location in the world. People prefer to browse online in their own language. Understanding how they’re searching, what keywords they’re entering into search engines,  and then optimising your multilingual websites is the core elements of International SEO. This will inevitably lead to more traffic and potentially more sales for your business.

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Our International SEO Services

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International SEO services include:

  • Relevant Keywords: Our Experts take natural language preferences and local idioms of the target populations into account when conducting keyword research. This ensures that keywords are customised for the region and do not sound unnatural by simply translating local keywords.
  • Technical SEO: The Webace Technical SEO team will conduct an audit to identify any issues on your website. By rectifying these issues they will optimise your website to improve the user experience and improve your ranking on international searches.
  • Website Structure Audit: Our team will ensure that you have not overlooked anything on your international website structure.
  • Relevant International Link Building: Relevant links are what you need to get a search engine’s attention. Thus, we will ensure that your links match your pages’ intent.
  • International Competitor Analysis: Webace will work with you to identify competitors both globally and locally. This will help to identify the right niche to focus on and your target audiences.
  • International On-Page SEO: Our team of SEO experts will conduct an on-page review of your international pages to ensure that your content is optimised to appeal to international audiences. This will include considerations of the target country’s security and privacy standards.

Effective Multi-Language SEO

If you want to reach international customers, you need an effective International SEO strategy in place. A part of this strategy is multi-language SEO which will help your business reach its maximum international potential. Multilingual SEO aims to translate your current web pages into other languages to be sure that you can gain traction on an international and global scale. Our SEO experts at Webace have the knowledge and language expertise required to achieve this.

Webace has a diverse team of SEO experts who have global experience and are multilingual. This makes it easy for us to develop international and multi-language campaigns that are customised to the needs of the international markets you sell to.

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How Does Webace Develop an International SEO Strategy?

Developing an International SEO strategy is not easy as it involves changes to onsite and offsite factors. Thus, there is no singular strategy that can fit all businesses. Thus, we first begin with an analysis of the country or countries you want to target. We need to determine how your products or services fit into these places and consider the culture, language, and local preferences. Then we consider all the factors involved if you run an e-commerce site. These include payment methods,  exchange rates, and international legislation in terms of exports and product sales.

Only when we have completed an analysis of all these factors can we start developing an International SEO strategy for your business.

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International SEO FAQs

How Does My Business Benefit From International SEO?

If you implement an international SEO strategy, you can increase search engine traffic. This will result in more revenue and increased global brand recognition.

What Is The Biggest Challenge When It Comes to International SEO?

Well, the biggest challenge will be different for every business. Some of the common challenges however are serving content in different languages and determining which search engine they want to rank highest in.

Can’t I Just Translate My English Keywords for Our Multilingual Websites?

No, it’s not that simple. The keywords need to be transcreated and not translated. Transcreation is the process of taking the English keywords and researching terms in the target languages by linguists who are trained in SEO.

Do SEO Companies Need Special Knowledge to Execute International SEO?

Yes! Launching an International SEO campaign has many challenges. Thus, an SEO agency must have the experience and knowledge to manage both the technical and content challenges that are a part of taking your website global.

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