Building your Google Author Ranking

Author ranking has become an important element in how pages, websites and blogs are ranked overall. Your standing as an authoritative author has an effect on your rankings as an author. Anyone who owns a business needs to have a website or at least a blog.

This is an important tool for you to ply your skills as an author. Once you start writing, Google would credit you for your writing in terms of Google’s Author Ranking. This means that you are credited for any writing you do or authored on the Internet, specifically on your website, blog, article sites, and social media.

The Google Author Rank System

The author’s rank is directly linked to the quality of authoritative content that he, or she writes. The content will be promoted in relation to the reputation of the author. If the author has a high reputational score, any content related to him or her will be seen as reputable and valuable.

What this means is that the page on which the high-ranking author’s content appears will be ranked higher as well.

The Role of Google+ and Other Social Media

As far as author ranking is concerned, Google+ is seen as an important social media tool to build and improve Google Author Rank. This is an easy exercise as your content on your site or blog should have the Google +1 button ready for sharing. This is how you are able to improve your author ranking.

The same applies to Facebook and Twitter. The “likes” and “tweets” will help spread your content and your authorship to others, thus improving your Author Rank. There are a few things that adds to your ranking:

  • It is a matter of how often your content is shared across networks.
  • Is there discussion around your content?
  • Does the content produce any comments?
  • How quickly is you content spread around the networks.

These are some elements that Google would notice and what would help in moving you up in the ranks as well.

Making the Effort to Improve your Author Ranking

  1. Having a Google+ profile is a taking a few steps closer to having your Google Author Rank.
  2. When you link to your Google+ profile you have to ensure that you use the rel=“author” attribute in your content.
  3. The most important factor is that you publish consistently and that your content is of excellent quality.

It is all about establishing yourself as an authoritative author in your particular niche. If you gain higher Google Author Ranking, you are assured of getting higher search rankings. This, in turn, grows your page ranking.

Quality Content for Higher Google Author Rank

The content you write should be useful to the persons who visit your blog. You should write on various topics related to your niche market. The type of writing should also vary, such as articles, blogs, press releases, reviews, and so forth.

The importance is to have your content search engine optimized as well as having your Google+ profile linked to it. Remember that this is about your Author ranking, but you do need to add the normal SEO tags as well.

The Google Author Rank depends highly on social media, and you should therefore add and share to as many social media networks as you can. It is all about getting credit and establishing you as an authority on a given niche. All of this will set you apart and improve your author ranking in Google.

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