Building your Google Author Ranking

Google Author Ranking has become a crucial factor in overall page, website, and blog rankings. Your status as an authoritative author directly impacts your rankings. For business owners, having a website or blog is vital.

As an author, this becomes a powerful tool to showcase your skills. Writing regularly earns you credit in Google’s Author Ranking, across your website, blog, articles, and social media.

The Google Author Rank System

The ranking is tied to the quality of your authoritative content. The better your reputation as an author, the more recognition your related content receives. This leads to higher rankings for the pages featuring your content.

The Role of Google+ and Other Social Media

Google+ plays a significant role in building and enhancing your Google Author Rank. By adding the Google +1 button to your site or blog, you can boost your author ranking.

The same applies to Facebook and Twitter. “Likes” and “tweets” increase the visibility of your content and authorship, thus improving your Author Rank. Several elements contribute to your ranking:

  • The frequency of your content being shared across networks.
  • The level of discussion around your content.
  • The number of comments your content generates.
  • The speed at which your content spreads across networks.

Addressing these aspects can elevate your position in the rankings.

Making Efforts to Improve Your Author Ranking

Having a Google+ profile is a crucial step towards enhancing your Google Author Rank. Ensure to use the rel=“author” attribute when linking to your Google+ profile within your content. Consistent publishing and maintaining excellent content quality are vital factors.

The goal is to establish yourself as an authoritative author in your niche. Achieving a higher Google Author Ranking leads to better search rankings and improved page rankings.

Quality Content for Higher Google Author Rank

Write content that provides value to your blog visitors, covering various topics related to your niche market. Include different types of content, such as articles, blogs, press releases, and reviews.

Optimise your content for search engines and link your Google+ profile to it. In addition to focusing on Author ranking, don’t forget to use standard SEO tags.

Social media plays a significant role in Google Author Rank. Share your content across multiple social media networks to gain recognition and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. These efforts set you apart and lead to an improved author ranking on Google.

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