Local SEO Tips to help you Grow your Business Online

In the twenty-first century, there is no getting away from having your business online. It is also not possible to do that without Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – global or local. The best way to start, though, is to improve your SEO to the extent that people will find you when they search locally.

The previous blog post gave you a few reasons why this is a necessity. However, you need to know what to do to make this actually happen. There are ways in which you should go about marketing the business that already has physical premises locally.

Some Tips to Make Local SEO Work Well

One of the first steps that you need to do is to ensure that you use:

Images in your site:

  • Besides the fact that it will draw attention, it will also illustrate what your business is about. For example, if you are an SEO agency, an image that shows your local area as well as an image of SEO in some form or other, will help people associate your company with the work you do.
  • The image can also be optimized, thus pointing to your business. With the latter, you should keep in mind that the image will not open directly to your website because of the changes Google brought about regarding image optimization.

Your physical address and telephone numbers are important:

  • This will show clients that you are available and can be contacted at the address or at the phone number provided.
  • An e-mail address is also necessary as people would often have questions, and they could therefore e-mail.

Even though they are able to find your website, many would simply copy and paste it to share it, and it is easier if this is listed on your website. You could display it on the images that you post too. The website is the virtual access to your business and could lead to the physical access at a later stage.

With the actual SEO, keywords are vital. You should therefore make sure that the keywords you choose are related to the business, but more so to the physical business as well. For example, an SEO business in London could have a variation of keywords such as: London SEO, SEO London, SEO agency London, and so forth. It is a specific area and the searches will be directed at that particular area, thus excluding the global results.

It is important that you watch your listings, and this includes your own business or any other business you have helped with SEO. You should constantly check the activity surrounding these businesses so that you can respond immediately to it. Whether it is a comment or a suggestion, the idea is to be professional in giving feedback.

The most important part of making your business soar on the Internet is to get positive reviews. These you can get by asking for them from people whom you know are satisfied with your work.

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