Are you looking to increase your organic search results and bring in more customers? Then give our schema service a try. Our experts implement a custom structured data strategy to your website. We a customised strategy based on your business goals. Ultimately marking your selected pages and helping you generate organic search results and possibly qualify you for the rich snippet. With a rich snippet, you can look forward to increased click-through rates and possibly more customers and views.

Our experts are capable of implementing a custom coded schema markup strategy to your website regardless of where your website is hosted. That’s not all, if your website has thousands of pages, our experts will make use of our highlighter tool to make the pages you want schema added to. Another great benefit of our service is that with our experts on your team, you won’t have to be dependent on hiring an IT professional because our experts handle everything.

Here you can find out how having our structured data strategy can help boost your organic search results and create rich results in turn. Take a look at what steps our experts take to ensure that your website or ecommerce business is suited with the best schema strategy that helps improve your online presence.

what is schema markup


Our Schema Markup is a structured data vocabulary that we apply to your websites. This allows search engines such as Google to better understand your website and content. Implementing our structured data to your website is a great way to increase your search engine optimization. Rich snippets are just one of the results you can look forward to with our schema strategy. This ultimately helps increase your click-through rates and organic search results.

Our structured data strategy is a specific written code that our experts add to your website so that your content, products or services can be understood by search engines. With this code in place, search engines can read it can display the information with enhanced results, creating rich results for your website.

Take a look at a few examples of different structured data types that can increase your ranking in search results:

Organization: This shows on the right-top of the search results page. It includes the official name of the business, logo, contact info, location and social profiles.

Person: Shows relevant information on an individual. This includes name, birthdate, address, and family members.

Local Business: Provides customers with useful information such as location, opening hours, menu and contact information.

Product & Offer: Displays product information such as the price and availability.

Article: This is commonly used for news and blog posts.

Video: This helps search engines crawl and index the video on your website.


Now that you know what our structured data strategy is, you are probably wondering how you can benefit from our service. Here you can find five of our top benefits you will have access to when you make use of our service. If you would like to dive into more of our benefits, take a look at our 16 ways to benefits from Schema Markup, page.

Increased Results
You can look forward to an increase in your quality organic search results and click-through rates.

Increased Findability
With our structured data strategy, you will have the opportunity to have your content displayed through a rich snippet, increasing your online findability.

Stand Out in Search Results for Review Based Content
Our schema tools allow your websites to stand out in organic searches for review based content.

Lasting First Impression
Our experts will create a structured data strategy that allows you to leave a good lasting first impression.

Control Over Your Google Knowledge Panel
With a structured data strategy, you are able to influence the content in your knowledge panel.

16 Ways to Benefit From Schema markup
Schema implementation


Regardless of where you choose to host your website, we can integrate a custom structured data tool. During a conversation with our experts, you will indicate the host of your website and we will take it from there. Below we explain the different types of integration methods we use for the different types of site hosts.

WordPress Plugin: Our experts use a WordPress plugin to perform basic optimisation on your blog posts and pages. With this integration, we are able to enter the content of your website and perform bulk uploads.

Google Tag Manager: With this integration, our experts create a Schema Markup with our highlighter and deploy it through Google Tag Manager.

Javascript API: With this integration, we will enter the inputs about your website.

Shopify: This integration allows us to integrate schema for products, articles, and more.

WooCommerce: With this integration method, we use our WooCommerce plug-in to integrate structured data to your website.

HubSpot: Our experts will create a schema strategy with our highlighter, and deploy it through HubSpot JavaScript.

Schema markup services london


With our Schema service, your business is put first. That’s why our experts take the time to have a conversation with you. This conversation will give us a better understanding of your brand, content and website goal. Our experts then create a custom structured data strategy and implement it on the relevant pages on your website.

Your business is your priority. That’s why we take the time to understand your business to come up with the best strategy to drive quality organic search traffic to your website.

Once our experts have come up with a Schema Markup strategy for your website, we then implement it to the relevant pages on your website.


Implementing a schema strategy to your website isn’t a once-off thing. It is a continuous service that we provide you with. There are however four steps that we take to implement a schema strategy that we will use to take your website to the top.

Step 1: Having a conversation with you is the first step in our service. Our experts speak to you to get a better understanding of your website and its goals.

Step 2: We then take a look at your website and see what pages can be optimised.

Step 3: Once all the relevant information has been collected, our experts will start creating a structured data strategy for each of your pages.

Step 4: The last step is to push schema live and analyse its performance. We then make changes according to the results.

Schema markup services london
Schema markup services london


The main function of our schema highlighter is to mark up thousands of pages within minutes. A highlighter allows our experts to create structured data to the scale of your website regardless of the size of your website. Allowing our experts to implement structured data faster. This tool also matches all elements of the chosen pages to the relevant schema properties. Once you have decided on what pages you would like to add a structured data strategy to, our experts will select it. We will then load the page and add the appropriate schema strategy to it. Our experts will then map out the elements of each of your pages to match the schema properties. Lastly, we will review your pages, deploy scheme and monitor its performance. Changes will be made based on the results.


Having an e-commerce business can be tough, especially when you are just getting started.  Your store can greatly benefit from a structured data strategy which can help increase your search engine optimisation performance. Structured Data is an advanced SEO strategy that brings your online store quality organic search traffic. It takes your customers through visually engaging rich results which are paired with information on your products or services. In order for potential customers to become buying customers, they want to know that your information is up to date. A schema markup displays all updates to your content allowing your rich results to be relevant and updated.

Ecommerce schema markup service

Increase Your Website Click-through Rates

With our schema experts working on your website and how your brand appears in search results, you can look forward to an increase in your website click-through rate and organic search results.