Lessons to Increase your Page Views

SEO_PyramidPage views are dependent on how many people view your pages. It is therefore important to write content that people would want to read. It should be interesting and compelling that people would be encouraged to share it as well. You get more page views if more people read and share your pages.

This will not happen automatically, and you should therefore find ways to encourage visits to your pages. By taking lessons from Google requirements, suggestions and hints, you will benefit a great deal in planning your SEO strategy. There are a few ideas that you could use to increase your page views.

Lessons to Learn to Increase Page Views

1. One of the first aspects to learn is to know that you do not have to use links in your content. If you do, these links should relate to your content. It is especially necessary if you are writing text that is in need of a reference. Thus, your links should serve the same purpose as a reference (or a citation). However, it is not an absolute necessity that you need to have links especially if your content is unique.

You should not link to low quality sites just for the sake of linking. There is no need to reference any external content. That is the reason why your content should be unique. Any link should add substance to what you have already written.

The most important part of linking is that you should provide links that will lead people to your website. The link should direct them to the exact page that you wan them to see. You should not use misleading links so that people find what they were looking for. A good landing page would show the services you provide.

2. People read content to find answers and solutions to problems. The Internet is the place where people go to find answers to questions. If you had difficulty with software, for example, many people would be looking for a similar solution. Your content will benefit from social media, as you find your audience as well as influencers.

3. It is therefore necessary to find out what people want. Once you know what people want, you are able to plan your SEO search strategy in particular. You should make use of tools to find out what people are targeting in their searches. You are then able to target your topics, your keywords as well as your content to capture their attention.

This will also assist you to plan your strategy ahead of time. You should look around the Internet and see what people are talking about and what questions they ask. This will give you the ideas for hot topics addressing the needs people actually have.

4. Aside from looking at the hot topics you can find, you should also look at what you want your forum to be. What this means is that you should not push your content into just any market on the Internet, but that you should find a place where the right audience will hear your voice.

This audience will read your content. Your SEO Company will be able to show you how to find the right platform for your business. You should not present contrived content, as this will not have the same impact as targeted content.

5. It is important therefore that you write for a specific audience. The previous two points would give you the audience you are looking for and you should strive to reach them through your content. Your marketing should therefore target the audience that you have identified for your specific purposes

6. If you have a client for whom you are writing, you should write for their target audience. It is important too that your content do not stir up controversy for you or your client. You must remember that you are in the business of marketing. You are marketing your client’s business as well as your own.

7. Your SEO agency should write relevant and quality content for you. This is what will generate quality traffic, leads as well as returns to the pages.

8. This aspect would be similar to finding your audience. Your voice that you speak with in your content, should address not only your audience, but must also reflect your client’s voice. Thus, your tone of voice should reflect the brand of the company.

9. The most important point here is that you should write the content to genuinely express your client’s voice and secondly to reach the larger audience on the Internet. Your focus is therefore not on the links, even though this is part of your strategy. You content should not solely focus on the content. All of your SEO strategies work hand in hand to build your presence on the Internet.

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