Biggest SEO Mistakes: Ten Tips on How to Avoid Them

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We must first understand what are the keywords?

We make use of a set of words or phrases to search information in the search engine.These words or phrases help us to find the exact information by showing the related list of websites. For example ‘designer bedsheets’ or ‘railway reservation’ are the keywords, which helps us to find related information by returning the search engine return page (SERP) with list of most suitable websites.

Following are the SERP pages which return after searching for Designer Bedsheets in both the search engines Google and Yahoo.

If you are having a party at in Durham, NC but anyone wants to find out about Designer Bedsheets can be able to find about your party in the resulting web pages.

It sounds interesting, right?

It is a simple trick which is used, and it works fine with search option. The keyword designer bed sheets is not very useful with the business point of view when searching as it uses lot many resources.

Here’s why.

The three main drawbacks of not using the keywords effectively are:

One:  It always takes more time and money while visiting places personally to find the information. There are the road block and traffic jams. Also to get the information by using mobiles or phone is almost impossible as it needs repeated calls to be made in order to get the correct information. It is a waste of time, money and the energy.

Two: it is like wasting the valuable time in wrongly deciding the keywords which may not fit to the business requirements. And it brings down the productivity of the business by loosing the opportunities.

Three: For almost all types of business ventures either small or bigger ones it is always necessary to have proper keywords which are most suitable for the business requirements. These keywords can bring better business opportunities when used correctly.

The steps for effective keyword usage

1.     Prefer Phrases of Buying

To make the business run faster and to get more traffic on your website, always prefer to have phrases relating to what people use while searching the information or product details.

2.     Do Not Use the Most Common Phrases

Phrases should be formed using the keywords which are of medium size. Always avoid the repeated and common words.

3.     Iterations

The iterations should be used which are most common words like the names of places can be used.

4.     Use Popular Terms

We always have many ways of saying the same thing. Google’s keyword suggestion tool is very useful in finding different ways for saying same thing.

5.     Always Try a Search

Always try and search every keyword you want to use for your webpage into various search engines. Understand how effective the keywords are.

6.     Find the Brand Names using Keywords

Some web sites or products possibly using similar keywords and phrases. Always find them and keep updating your words.

7.     Find out Your Competitors

Always find out about your Competitors, who are having similar products and offers.Try and utilize techniques of better website optimization.

8.     Keyword Density

It is very important to have average keyword density which helps in the search engines. The keywords should not be stuffed as it sometimes loses its effectiveness. The 3% density means 3 keywords for a set of 100 words in the document.

9.     Brand Name Recognition

Once your products start becoming popular, people will start knowing them by their names. It is very important to have standard names for the products and services which gives you recognition.

10.  Avoid Spelling Mistakes

The mistakes made on the websites always put the business down. Always care while using the names of products and services, which is important. Even names of company, locations, places and people should be correctly spelt.

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