Your Keywords for SEO Power: Nine Places where to Put Them

The search engine marketing is one of the highly useful requirements which are very worth in knowing and having three main elements of SEO:

  1. List of keywords – highly useful list of keywords
  2. The density of keywords – how many keywords to be used
  3. Link building – get the links of other web sites to your website

Let’s discuss about the density of keywords and about how to create the density. Basically,the text placed on the page should have a specific number of phrases which decides the density of the keywords.

For about 100 words on the page if 5 are considered to be keywords then the keyword density defines to be 5%. Here the text present on the page includes the HTML tags too.

Search engine recognizes some of the areas of the HTML code in the overall requirement of the entire page. It is required to make use of the keyword phrases to enable the SEO power to every page of the website. It is combines result of designer and developer who works partly on the pages with respect to specific areas.

  1. Title Tag — It does not the relate to the actual “Page Title” of the web page, but it appears in the bold blue text on results pages of the Google Search Engine.
  2. Meta Description Tags — it is as important as the title tag, it appears mainly on the Search Engine Results pages along with the page title on every page.
  3. Page Title — is the actual title of the page which will be displayed to the visitors. It should be used with text only, and images should not be used. It can be displayed with H1 tag to add the SEO power.
  4. HTML And JavaScript — the best way to give a combined effect of the JavaScript in your wen page is by allowing separate JavaScript file should be used instead of combine Java script code into the HTML tags. It surely helps to boost the power of SEO giving better effects.
  5. Test Displayed In Site — the entire text of the web page should be used clearly with the help of keywords which should have density of about 3-6% which is very effective and gives complete freedom to SEO effects on the other text present.
  6. Keywords in Repeated Links — the search engine gets more active when the keywords are used in the links which combine different ways of connecting the important part of the text by using SEO techniques.
  7. Useful Alt Tags — when we make use of images on the web pages, it is found that the every image that we use could be defined in the alt tag. The alternate tag helps in describing the images with a lot of useful details. It helps the machines who could not display the images on the screen.
  8. Suitable File names — the keywords should be utilized in the file names which includes both the text files and also the image files. The file names are displayed in the URL of the webpage. It also helps while searching the information in the search engines if the file names are combined with keywords.
  9. Importance of Domain Name — the domain names are useful not only in defining the purpose of the website but also becomes your identity on the net for your customers in long terms. If the domain name uses the primary keyword, it surely helps in advancing the page ranking to the higher level. The entire content defined in the web site remains active around the keyword defined in the domain.
  10. Additional Note – Keyword density plays an important role in development, promotion and the overall working of the website. The SEO and SEM features are effective when the keywords are used in a valid format.

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