Measure and Increase the ROI

Measure-and-Increase-the-ROI_by_webaceThe value of your content, amongst other things, would greatly assist you to gain in page ranking. It is, therefore, important that you do make sure that you measure and increase the return on your content resource investment. The measurement of your content resource investment would give you an indication of how your campaign is doing. This measurement would guide you into using different ways in which to gain an increase in the return on your investment.

Many businesses employ an SEO Company to do their content writing for them. This is simply because the agency can run their content marketing campaign for them much more efficiently. However, it will serve you no purpose whatsoever if you do not see the return on your investment.

What the company would focus on are aspects, such as the increase in social shares and using keywords to generate more traffic. The aim is also to increase the branded traffic. This does not, however, show what the end results are. It simply points to the means to the end.

Ways to Calculate the 

When your SEO Company starts the process of calculating the return on your investment, they should measure the impact of traffic to a normal page. That is, of you are a business selling products or services it would be more complex to measure your impact on one of your service or product pages.

The reason is that there is a more involved content strategy in terms of buying cycles. For example, the reasons for purchasing items are often influenced by the mentioning of brands or promotions from blog content. This needs to be included in the calculations.

It also becomes difficult, as the visitors to your site often do not go directly from the discovery to the purchasing stage in one go. For example, they might visit the informational page and at a later stage return to do a transactional stage. To find the ROI therefore, you need to work from the conversion point back through the routes of the different channels and assign credit to those visits. This is where social media and generic keywords in the content play an important role.

The Usefulness of Google Analytic Multi-Channel Funnels

Calculations are made easy with Google Analytics and especially with the Multi-Channel Funnels. This gives a clear view of the paths visitors follow to get to your website. This is what assists you with how you see the return on your investment.

The calculations done in this way therefore gives and indication of how sales and conversions happen as opposed to only show how many clicks are recorded. Furthermore, the results of these calculations make it possible for the marketing decisions to be adjusted in terms of your overall advertising investment. This would include the channels you would employ as well as which keywords or advertisements you would be using.

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Explained

Within the Google Multi-Channel Funnels you will find the specific Google application Multi-Content Funnels. This is the application that would report directly and indirectly on the effects of the visits to your website content.  Built into the Multi-Channel Funnels you would be able to view reports of the marketing channels of visits over time.

Google Analytics allows you to create an advanced segment to set up analysis specifically aimed at conversion paths. The reasoning behind this is the visit data and that of getting value from it.

The way in which this would work for you is to have your SEO agency set up Channel Groupings that are content-based. Through this, you are able to access the Top Conversion Paths report that would show you the number of visits clients make to get to conversion. It will also show you where their initial experience to get to your website starts.

The importance of Channel Groupings is that you are able to combine different sections of your website. You are able to then pair these with your traffic and conversion data. It will give you a clear indication of how you can spread your future resources on new content, expanding your current content, editing of your content and which of your marketing strategy would be what would drive your results.

The Importance of Measure and Increase of Return On Your Investment

There is a need to know exactly how your website is doing on all levels, but especially how that influences the return on your investment; more specifically your content resource investment. The calculation of your ROI will clearly show what your SEO Company has done for you. They would be able to show you exactly where there was any interaction through the setting up of Google Multi-Channel Funnels.  It will give you the Top Conversion Paths report which would indicate the:

  • First interaction
  • Any interaction
  • Assisting interaction and
  • Last interaction

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