Creating Good SEO Practices with a Difference

SEO_LaptopGoogle changes have given a different view of SEO practices. The Panda and Penguin changes introduced an improvement to the Internet experience for everyone. It does make it a little more difficult and cumbersome to optimize your pages.

Google continued to implement changes after the major Panda change. After Penguin 1 there was Penguin 2. So the changes are happening continuously, and the search engine optimizer has to keep up to date with these changes. Strategies that are different could help you avoid the severe Google penalties. See here for a few of these.

Infographics as an Online Marketing Tools

One of the alternative ways you could add to your marketing campaign is by using Infographics. This is an especially valuable tool as it is visual, which fits perfectly with the visual platform – the Internet.

It is one way of drawing attention to the information or content you wish to convey. It is also a valid way in which to create links.

Infographics is a means of creating visually effective and engaging material to invite visitors to your site. Most visitors would find a graphic image easier and more attractive to respond to than an article with five hundred words, for example. It is important to note here that this is an additional strategy and not a replacement strategy for SEO.

It does play a huge role in search engine optimization, as you would insert data into the graphic. This would mean that you are able to add hidden content in a dynamic way. The image would also convey design qualities that would give viewers a different experience and the willingness to interact with the content. It is also an opportunity to insert your well-researched keywords and links.

This strategy will capture the interest of viewers as well as entice them to link back to your site and the graphic. If you create it as an image, it would be easy to share and post on other blogs.
Forums as a Means of Marketing

Forums offer great opportunities to take your SEO strategy to the next level. It is usually in a Question and Answer format. The questions are from all over the world and by participating you interact with many potential visitors and clients to your site. This is a great link-building opportunity that would make it a popular tool for optimization.

As with all of the SEO strategies, it is important to find forums that have some quality status. Some of these are Quora, Yahoo! Answers,, StackOverflow, Askville where you are able to gain ranking for your expertise. The result of this, especially if it is within your niche, would be a following that would lead to more visits to your website and its pages. Google’s focus is not only on quality content, but also on relevant content. By answering the questions with useful and quality information, you could create back linking of high quality.
Citation Strategy for SEO

The mention of your site on reputable sites will assist greatly with your search engine results pages (SERPs). One way to do this is to get your site onto local listings. This is where you add your location (with Google Maps), your business name and address. This is a simple citation, but it can earn a great deal of traffic for your website, and it is also reasonably “easy” SEO.The local listings have an effect if there is a reasonable number of citations, positive comments and reviews. Encouraging reviews on Google Places pages would help your rankings even more.

Positive reports and mentions are, therefore, a major ranking algorithm of search engines. The more mention or citation your site gets, the higher its page rankings would be. It would also be of a higher page ranking than your competitors, who have a lower mention than yours.

These local citations are a major asset to have, especially if these are from portals that are well established and indexed. With this easy access to your website (through citation), you should make sure that your website is accessible on all electronic devices available such as tablets, mobiles, laptops and any other devices.

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