Google Trends for YouTube Video SEO

At present Google is the largest search engine on the Internet. Google Trends allows you to see what the hottest topic searches are – that is, the topics that are trending. You see many of these hot topics in the YouTube searches. Video content creators and marketers are therefore made aware of what the users […]

SEO Strategy Changes for 2013 and the Future

The changes in search engines, Google specifically, have forced SEO companies to look at their strategies in different ways. These changes are not over yet, as Google has yet again put a spanner in the wheel with more changes. Penguin 2.0 has been released on 22 May 2013. Matt Cutts, from Google, has said that […]

Panda, Penguin, Content and SEO

Since 2011, Google initiated some changes that . This was the result of two major updates, by Google, known as Panda and Penguin. The consequences were that many saw it as the end of SEO, and that optimization was no longer valid. However, what it simply meant is that Google was clearing their “inventory” of […]

SEO Real-Time Game Strategy

 There is a reason why an SEO Company should look at Search Engine Optimization as a real-time game strategy. It is a way to bring stimulation, entertainment and productivity into the equation. The real-time strategy can be employed in the strategy of your agency in order for you to have an overview of what is happening […]

Why Google+ is so Important Today

Google+ would certainly have an influence on your search results. This would be the reason why this particular social media would be important to you. There is a reason to believe that this is true as revealed by a study conducted not so long ago (February – March 2013). This revealed that an authoritative Google+ […]

SEO Killed by the Google Image Search

Google has made many changes to its search engine, resulting in changes to the Google image search results as well. It first started with the Panda update and later the Penguin update. There is, however, a more recent update, which took effect on 23 January 2013. That was the Google Image Search UI Update.