Link Building as the Foundation of Any SEO Campaign

The reason for writing content is to make your business visible to the public on the Internet. There is one way of enhancing this,and that is by adding link building to your campaign. However, it is not as easy as it seems, and an optimization company would be the way to go. The foundation of […]

2013 SEO Tips for your Website, Google Recommended Steps

The success of websites and blogs has become increasingly dependent on SEO. It would be highly beneficial if you could increase your knowledge and apply the Google requirements to your websites and blogs. Getting to know what Google calls for is important as there are many websites and blogs with vast amounts of content on […]

Optimize Pages with Keyword Targeting

The perfect way to optimize your pages would be to use keywords. For the experienced SEO professional, some of the keyword targeting can come with experience and with some intuitive knowledge. They are also much more prepared for the extensive testing, correlation-based analysis and data points that can support keyword targeting. Keyword targeting can further […]

Lessons to Increase your Page Views

Page views are dependent on how many people view your pages. It is therefore important to write content that people would want to read. It should be interesting and compelling that people would be encouraged to share it as well. You get more page views if more people read and share your pages. This will […]

The Effects of Penguin 2.0 on SEO

The release of Penguin 2.0 occurred on Wednesday, 22 May 2013. There were many rumours that the changes would be huge. Matt Cutts suggested that there would be major changes. The suggestion was that these changes would affect your site more than the previous updates. Your SEO Company could have a look at the  weather […]

Google Trends for YouTube Video SEO

At present Google is the largest search engine on the Internet. Google Trends allows you to see what the hottest topic searches are – that is, the topics that are trending. You see many of these hot topics in the YouTube searches. Video content creators and marketers are therefore made aware of what the users […]