Best SEO 2014 Audit for your Website.

Begin the Deep Dive into Your Business Website with a SEO Audit Do you ever feel like you are not getting out what you put in to your online marketing efforts? Do you ever wonder why you are unable to get the results you’re after? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, you […]

How to Dominate the Search in 2014


How to Dominate the Search in 2014 The 20 Essential Factors of SEO for 2014! As search engine algorithms evolve into smarter filters, the task of search engine optimization becomes more and more challenging. Especially for those who earn their bread and butter by configuring online content for SEO purposes. To give you a glimpse […]

Why Responsive Email Design

Is the hottest term trending the email marketing landscape at the moment. This leaves many with the question, what is responsive email? Well, the main reason why it seems to be gaining steam among online businesses is because a responsive design adapts to whatever device it is being viewed on. This becomes especially handy for […]

Google New Hummingbird Algorithm and Content Creators

Google started implementing the zoo of changes since 2011 with the Panda and Penguin updates. More recently (3 October 2013), the Hummingbird algorithm was announced, taking us on a nature walk once more. For the ordinary web designer these would seem like irritations interfering with the run of things on the Internet. However, these changes […]

Local SEO Tips to help you Grow your Business Online

In the twenty-first century, there is no getting away from having your business online. It is also not possible to do that without Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – global or local. The best way to start, though, is to improve your SEO to the extent that people will find you when they search locally. The […]

Local Search Engine Optimisation For Local Business

Local Search Engine Optimisation For Local Business, the Internet is a vast content space, where millions of websites are present. Most local businesses all over the world have a presence on the World Wide Web. It has therefore become a great necessity for your local business to have local search engine Optimisation (SEO). The competition […]

Building your Google Author Ranking

Author ranking has become an important element in how pages, websites and blogs are ranked overall. Your standing as an authoritative author has an effect on your rankings as an author. Anyone who owns a business needs to have a website or at least a blog. This is an important tool for you to ply […]

The Impact of Google+ Shares on Search Ranking

The Impact of Google+, your business would grow as you expose it through sharing via various social platforms. Google+ is one such platform. The thinking is that, because Google+ is linked directly to Google, that the discovery of a page, its ranking, and indexing is a given. The findings of  Eric Enge initially found that Google+ […]